Monday Briefing


Associated Press – Jose Luis Magana

U.S. involvement in Afghanistan began twenty years ago with iconic images of the twin towers falling in New York and night-vision video of U.S. paratroopers landing on an airstrip – in country – in the middle of the night. This image, of an Afghan family arriving safely at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C. may be the iconic image defining the end of the saga.

This photograph is what America is all about. There are those who deny the immigrant history of our country. They seek to keep the doors locked and everyone out. In recent years, anti-immigrant forces have targeted people from Spanish speaking countries. They should note that among the thirteen U.S. troops who died last week to make this photo possible, four were named Espinoza, Lopez, Rosario, and Sanchez. Another was Kareem Nikoui. This photo is one small part of their legacy.


Jane Caffrey has joined the reporting team at NBC CT. She worked most recently at WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia.

It was reported over the weekend that long time Meriden Record-Journal editor and columnist Glenn Richter died Friday August 20, at the age of 72. Richter was born in New Britain and worked at the Record Journal for thirty-five years.

Good to see!

@thehartfordguy posted a series of photos this weekend from a sold out Hartford Athletic game at the new Dillon Stadium.


Follow up on a national story we flagged for you last week. A few days after it was reported that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow plans to step away from her daily show in the first half of 2022, it was also reported that Brian Williams may call it quits too. One report suggested Williams wants Maddow’s 10p.m. slot, but the betting is that Nicolle Wallace is in a lead position to get the assignment. As NBC News often does after reporting news from other news organizations, we’d just like to add, The Laurel has been unable to independently confirm this reporting.

The New York Times has an inside look at the deal to sell Politico.

The Politico style article includes a mini-profile of the original investor/owner Robert Allbritton, including the fact that he went to Wesleyan University in Middletown.

And finally this morning…

What could this mean? Former WFSBer Melissa Francis posted a picture of herself on the beach this weekend with an intriguing headline.

Francis disappeared from her prominent role at Fox News about a year ago in what was reported to be a pay dispute involving gender equity issues. Judging by the comments following her Tweet, her friends seem to think this is a hint she is returning to TV somewhere soon. One year is a typical time frame in non-compete clauses.