Lieberman On 9/11


Former Connecticut U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman, who was instrumental in creating the Department of Homeland Security following the attacks of September 11, 2001, was one of the featured players in a Politico Magazine article this weekend on what America got wrong in our response.

As the nation marked the tragic day, social media feeds were over-flowing with photos of local television news reporters who were either on the scene or simply posting “throwback” photos of themselves doing random things on that day 20 years ago. Some of the photos were tasteful and some not. Some respectful and some tone deaf. Hint: 2,977 families don’t care what you were doing.

WPIX in New York is launching a 4p.m. newscast. The station is promising good “story-telling.” Presumably that will include news.

NPR listeners: Lulu Garcia Navarro is leaving the network at the end of October. The host of Weekend Edition Sunday made the announcement on Twitter. If you’re guessing who her replacement might be, recent fill-in hosts include, but are not limited to; Tamara Keith and Asma Khalid.

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