Friday Round Up



Long-time WCBS reporter Peter Haskell has announced he is retiring at the end of this month. He has been reporting from the streets of New York City for 28 years.

The FCC is still considering the proposed deal by Standard General to buy Tegna, the owner of Fox 61 in Connecticut. FCC observers suggest the commission may be deadlocked with a vote of two-to-two along party lines.

A week later, Alden Global Capital(Tribune Publishing), the owner of the Hartford Courant, is still enduring criticism for its decision to discontinue most endorsements in major political races. Writing on, one journalism professor said the decision “feels like cowardice.”

It would have been better for Tribune to honestly explain the move as a cost cutting informed by what readers need rather than newspaper tradition.

Bristol based ESPN is among many companies and government leaders paying tribute to the three Bristol police officers shot in the line of duty this week in what appears to be a pre-meditated ambush. Two of the officers are dead as a result of the shooting as is one of two suspects.

Thursday, ESPN offered an on-air appreciation for the officers’ service and bathed its Bristol campus in blue light.

The former and original anchor of the ABC News program Nightline will return to the anchor chair this weekend for a special edition of CBS Sunday Morning. Ted Koppel will host a specially themed program on division in American society, approximately three weeks before the mid-term congressional elections.

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