Foley Answers the Call to Public Service…Again


eThe Laurel was a bit skeptical when Fox61 first hired Brian Foley to be its “chief investigator.” We wondered how a former Hartford Police detective could report objectively on law enforcement matters. But Foley proved a real asset to Fox 61’s news coverage. When a big story hit he was able to provide first-hand knowledge of how police and other first responders might approach the situation, and it was often compelling. So we’re sorry to see him leave the local airwaves but he has been given a great opportunity; his former boss at the Hartford P.D. is now the state’s public safety commissioner (James Rovella) and Foley will serve as Rovella’s executive aide. The success of News Director Liz Godbout’s experimental hiring of Foley is borne out by the fact that WFSB has just brought on former State Police Lt. Paul Vance to play a similar role.