Bass Asks: “Can You Spare Some (Social) Change?”


The New Haven Independent’s Founder and Editor Paul Bass recently posted the above video to raise funds for the 15-year-old non-profit online newspaper. Bass’ Independent was one of the first strictly online news publications in Connecticut, stepping into the still-widening breach created by the shrinking print news industry to cover local news stories.

Bass’ YouTube appeal was timed to coincide with a fundraising challenge for nonprofit journalism sponsored by News Match. News Match is a national organization that provides fundraising, capacity-building and public awareness for more than 200 non-profit newsrooms across the country. During the months of November and December, News Match will provide a dollar for dollar match, up to $1,000, for any donations made to nonprofit news outlets, like the New Haven Independent.

If you can spare some real change for the New Haven Independent, click here.

P.S. – You can also donate to another of Connecticut’s nonprofit news organizations, the Connecticut Mirror, through the News Match website.